5 Financial Tips for Australian Expats

5 Financial Tips for Australian Expats

6 July, 2022

  1. Do the Math before buying property in Australia. Aus-Expats/Foreign Investors pay twice as much Capital Gains tax on their Aus-properties than their friends back home. Unfortunately moving home before you sell wont erase the time you lived overseas. Do the math and see if its worth it.
  2. Create a Singaporean Guardian Agreement to protect your Children. Not having a Guardian Agreement can cause horrendous legal implications in the event of Parental death. Fill in the form below for a free Guardian Agreement.
  3. Did you know that if you hold your Share portfolio inside the correct tax structure for 10 years you may be cleared of Capital Gains Tax even once you’ve moved home to Australia? Using tax efficient structures can save you hundreds of thousands.
  4. Make sure that you factor in Currency Risk before investing into Assets that aren’t Australian Dollar based. The value of an investment property in Sri Lanka would have decreased by 50% over the last 6 months when looked at in Australian dollar terms. Currency risk can be minimized when you invest in your “Base Currency” ie Australian Dollars.
  5. Speak with an Australian Qualified Financial Adviser. Seeking professional advice can save you hundreds of thousands.

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